Brief history

Pigeons International was founded in 1987 by Paul-Antoine Taillefer and Paula de Vasconcelos and ever since their work has stood on the cusp of  theatre and dance. Their productions feature images both lavish and stark and are interwoven (intermingled) with the textual and the corporeal, drama and dance, the serious and the playful, the gestures of everyday life and their stylization through art. For them, the spectator is a dreamer for whom they create dreams.

 With her team, director and choreographer Paula de Vasconcelos explores the human condition, developing a compassionate discourse on otherness and the many facets of human relationships. Love and solitude, desire and sorrow, here and elsewhere, yesterday and tomorrow, are themes that she explores in ways that are both subtle and relevant, making use of the broad range of possibilities offered by live performance. 

 One aspect of Pigeons International’s mission is to recognize the immense potential in remaining open and receptive to other cultures and the freedom gained by the breaking down of borders, be they cultural, social or artistic.

The company’s repertoire currently includes sixteen original works, which haver been presented in over thirty-five cities, in Portugal, Italy, Germany, Austria, Colombia and Brazil, as well as in a number of Canadian and American cities.